What is an Entelechy Mentor?

What is an Entelechy Mentor?

An Entelechy Mentor is someone qualified to offer you feedback on your assessments and award you Character Qualities for your Signature.
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    • What are the Entelechy Character Qualities?

      Entelechy Character Qualities are a list of 54 human competencies that everyone was born with. They are grouped into six categories: Personal (To be your best self); Interpersonal (To behave as one); Performance (To think and do); Acumen (To be ...
    • What is Feedback?

      Feedback is step six in your Learning Journey and helps calibrate your opinion of yourself and challenge some of your preconceptions. There are two types of feedback, the first is the 360, asking people to tell you about your strengths and growth ...
    • Can I develop Character Qualities?

      All Character Qualities in Entelechy are innate in everyone and can be developed by anyone. The Entelechy Learning Journey shows you how to develop them, through small acts of self-improvement every day.
    • What is an Action Plan?

      The Action Plan is a feature within Entelechy that enables you to register the actions you are going to take and practise to develop your chosen Character Quality.
    • Does Character change?

      At Entelechy we believe that Character is always evolving. You can become a better version of yourself and achieve your aspirations by developing the right Character Qualities at the right time, in the right way for you.