What does quality-assured learning mean?

What does quality-assured learning mean?

Quality-assured learning means that a programme or experience has been developed against a standard that ensures high quality and a positive experience for the learner. It has clearly defined objectives that the learner is able to meet through completing the programme or experience.
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    • What is accredited learning?

      Accredited learning is when an external organisation has reviewed a learning programme or experience against their standards and confirmed it meets their benchmarks for excellence. When learning is accredited it adds value to the learner because they ...
    • What is meta-learning?

      Meta-learning means 'learning to learn'. Entelechy has created meta-learning experiences to develop your capabilities to learn on your own. This means you can turn anything into a productive experience and learn however you want. Anytime, anywhere ...
    • What is a learning cycle?

      A learning cycle is a process you go through to help you understand what you are learning, put your learning into practice, reflect on what's worked and what you would do differently next time. By reflecting you always keep learning and improving, ...
    • What is an active Character Quality?

      An active Character Quality is a Quality you have chosen to work on by Exploring content, setting Action Plans to put in practice through daily acts of self-improvement, and tracking your progress.
    • How do I archive a Character Quality?

      To archive a Character Quality go to the Home Screen and click on the icon for the Character Quality you wish to archive. Next, click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner and click Archive. All your content for this Character Quality will ...
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    • What is Character?

      Our Character is the essence of who we are, how we think, feel, behave and interact with other people and the world around us. We all have different qualities to our character, making each of us unique.
    • What are Character Qualities?

      Character Qualities are the unique aspects of each of us that influence how we think, feel, and behave. How we understand and use our Character Qualities affects how we see ourselves, and how other people see us.
    • What are the Entelechy Character Qualities?

      Entelechy Character Qualities are a list of 54 human competencies that everyone was born with. They are grouped into six categories: Personal (To be your best self); Interpersonal (To behave as one); Performance (To think and do); Acumen (To be ...
    • What does personalise mean?

      Personalise means that your learning experience is tailored to your Character, the actions you take and the choices you make. Rather than one size fits all, Entelechy offers a journey that is as unique as you.
    • What does evolve mean?

      Evolve means changing something over a period of time. At Entelechy, we believe that every change you make, however small, will help you develop the Character Qualities you have chosen, to become the best version of yourself - to evolve.