What does personalise mean?

What does personalise mean?

Personalise means that your learning experience is tailored to your Character, the actions you take and the choices you make. Rather than one size fits all, Entelechy offers a journey that is as unique as you.
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    • What does evolve mean?

      Evolve means changing something over a period of time. At Entelechy, we believe that every change you make, however small, will help you develop the Character Qualities you have chosen, to become the best version of yourself - to evolve.
    • What does quality-assured learning mean?

      Quality-assured learning means that a programme or experience has been developed against a standard that ensures high quality and a positive experience for the learner. It has clearly defined objectives that the learner is able to meet through ...
    • What does self-assess mean?

      When you self-assess, you reflect on yourself and your journey and think about what you are good at, what you could be better at, what you would like to improve and how far you've come already.
    • What does being "Emotionally intelligent" mean?

      This Aspiration is about becoming someone who appreciates the complexity of emotions and uses them to make intuitive and instinctive decisions.
    • What does being !A unifier" mean?

      This Aspiration is about becoming someone who brings people together with a common vision and purpose.