How do I cope with the negative feelings that have arisen from my 360?

How do I cope with the negative feelings that have arisen from my 360?

Receiving feedback that feels negative can be difficult to process. First, set the 360 response aside for 24 hours and see if it feels the same after this time. Second, remind yourself this is that person's opinion and they might have reasons for saying this that are nothing to do with you. It is one piece of data. It is only useful if it fits a pattern that you see across your responses or if you take a step back and look at what has been said with curiosity about how this piece of information could in fact help you to develop in a way you perhaps hadn't thought of before. Finally, talk to someone about the difficult things that you're feeling. Often when we talk about difficult emotions we can gain some perspective on how we feel and the person we're speaking with can often help with this.
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